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Just a little excerpt from the final chapter of the book.


The “Holy Grail,” in my opinion, is the women we love and bond with each and every day. There have been many controversies over the “Holy Grail;” where it is hidden, and what it symbolizes. Even within the painting of the Last Supper, there is controversy surrounding the person on the right hand of Jesus. Who is this person? Is the person male or female? (If this person is female, she might symbolize this chalice of life.)

I believe the answer has always been within our grasp.With communication, patience, and the commitment to love and cherish each other, our spirits can bond with one another. Through experiences with passion, love and ecstasy, we can give ourselves the sought-after eternal youth we look for. We can become happy beyond our wildest dreams. This happiness will transcend every aspect of our daily lives when we have achieved the quest.

When we take the time to find and stimulate the G-Spot, and when she releases herself, the youth and passions within our lover are revitalized. This comes from not just the act of orgasm, but also all of the steps in-between that lead up to this wonderful exaltation.

The “Holy Grail” that we seek, has been within our grasp all along. She lies before us, waiting for us to see her, to experience her innermost areas of sensitivity. Treat her with patience and compassion and allow her to respond with the same respect and passion. All this, believe me gentlemen, will transform the way that we see and feel. The way we make love, and the way we respond when our lover makes love to us. Throughout this guide, I have presented the dualities between the “Holy Grail” and the relations we cherish through intimacy, and the G-Spot. All of these concepts can revitalize our love lives in the bedroom and even in our daily lives. We have only to drink from this chalice of life and reap the rewards it has to give.

‘First and foremost, be safe in all that you practice and do. Learn to love yourself so that you may allow others to love you. Channel all of this wonderful energy and love into all of your relationships, and into all that you may do within your life.’

“The Holy G-rail” © 2006

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Paperback: 81 pages

Publisher: Self Published (Dec. 24th, 2006)  Locally printed having a heavier, speckled paper stock, with a matt finished cover.

Language: English


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